We Help Dog Training Businesses

Generate More Clients Every Month

Stop wasting time and money on faulty and ineffective ad campaigns.

It's time to make your ad-budget count, scale your business and blow up your sales.

Tired of the Inconsistent Client Flow and the

No-Show Frustration

Say goodbye to unpredictable bookings and wasted consultation slots. Let us supercharge your business with leads that are primed and ready to buy.

No more chasing uninterested prospects. It's time to transform your dog training venture Ahead


Increase your Reach

Elevate your Sales.

Don’t let amateurs run your ads. Apply now to start generating new clients every month and grow your business or You Don’t Pay


Elite Marketing System™️

  • Generates your leads

  • Qualifies your leads

  • Schedules your leads

  • Ensures your leads show up

So Here's how it works

Generating 'leads' is not enough, you need quality people in your practice that actually show up and want help, our System provides a proven growth process that's effortless.

Step 1

High Quality Ads Strategic Targeting ●

We create proven video marketing campaigns for you on popular social media sites like Facebook™️ and attract the right people.

Step 2

We Qualify & Schedule Your clients

Phone handling and lead follow up is extremely important in getting a massive returns on your marketing budget. We do all the qualifying, scheduling, follow up, and appointment reminders.

Step 3

You Treat New Dogs on Auto-Pilot

Our team instantly informs your staff about new appointments we schedule. ALL you have to do is greet new clients at the door, take them through your sales process & update our team with results!


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